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Ideas in the Cloud, and Reality on the Ground

Let ObjectMatch ground yours. In less time, effort and cost, ObjectMatch will launch your ventures into reality.

Discover. Interact. Transact.


ObjectMatch Vision is to Become the Economy Operating System

Our vision is to create a standardized, universal store of interactive objects that represent people, organizations, and systems. ObjectMatch provides our partners with the Economy Operating System, a digital abstraction layer bringing together market participants in expedited and synergistic way.

Offers the entire stack from UX components, through identity and security management, to data management.

Unifies markets' stakeholders discovery, interaction and transaction operations through standardized interfaces to marketplaces.

ObjectMatch hosts and manages virtual representations of real-world objects and their relationships, allowing it to be a data broker; underlying platform for data storage and access delegation.

ObjectMatch provides ready to use foundation services and functions that exposes multiple payment methods; delivery & logistics; interaction & messaging and much more. 

Why Keep Ideas in Your Head? Put them into Action

ObjectMatch helps its partners' ideas reach their fullest potential in less effort and cost. 

ObjectMatch saves its partners effort in technology development, timelines, and consequently cost, thus greatly reducing barriers to entry into the market both in capital and time.

By relieving ObjectMatch partners from the overhead, cost and skills associated with IT complexities, they are able to better focus on business development and growth.

Businesses running on ObjectMatch will take advantage of all the shared services provided by the platform, including future released features.

ObjectMatch accelerates growth through cross-market synergies, and partnership-centered business models. Our partners can take advantage of all objects already created in the platform by other ObjectMatch businesses.

Explore all the collection of features ObjectMatch has to offer to all its partners across marketplaces.

This is How ObjectMatch Delivers on its Promise.

Omnichannel Enambler.png


Multiple sales channels, one unified view to order and inventory management

Business Intelligence.png

Business Intelligence

Monitor the operations of your business, track the health of your venture via a set of reports and insightful gauges.


Universal Wallet

One digital wallet, one balance, for your customers, across merchants across marketplaces.

Merchant OM Interface.png

Business Administration

ObjectMatch Portal, through which, partners can manage, run, and update, customers, catalogue, promotions, placed orders and much more.

Be a Participant in this Virtual Economy
and Reap The Benefits

ObjectMatch provides solutions to all participants in the economy; regulators and marketplace operators, incumbent businesses, new businesses whether digital or brick & mortar. All stand to benefit from the platform's innovative solutions.

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Become a partner, turn your ideas into reality.

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