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Brick & Mortar

Already a physical store? If you face challenges and barriers to engage and participate in the digital economy, ObjectMatch is the solution for you.


Build From Scratch

Left out, or forced to build their own competing marketplaces in the new digital economy.

Barrier to Entry

Barriers to entry limit the SME segment to deliver on its full economic potential.

IT Focused

Joining the digital economy requires business owners to invest in technology where they may be lacking in-house expertise.


Ready to Utilize

ObjectMatch provides merchants and businesses capability to launch their own online storefronts through a ready to use mobile app and website storefronts, supported with core services and features.

Single View

ObjectMatch offers business owners opportunity to unify all of their channels; mobile app, website, phone, and in-store, into one order and inventory management view.

Standardized Access

ObjectMatch enables a larger exposure to customers by providing merchants with a unified, omnichannel access to monetize.

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