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Why Partner with ObjectMatch

ObjectMatch cloud platform helps its partners reach their full potential and more in a matter of months. ObjectMatch frees its partners from the overhead and complexities of building, maintaining and and managing its software platform and data, allowing ObjectMatch partners to focus on business strategy, marketing and growth.


No Silos

In the current model, each marketplace maintains its own data in isolation hindering cross markets analysis, interactions and transaction. With ObjectMatch, partners will be able to access all data processed not just by its own platform but by every other partner operating in different marketplaces. 

Digital Twin

Real-world objects like, products, people, stores and their relationships, are are represented and maintained in ObjectMatch matrix as live objects that evolve with their relationships to reflect real-world events.

Object Oriented

ObjectMatch is developed as an object-based platform,, which allows storage, discovery and interaction with objects – as representation of real-world entities, whether concrete or abstract.

Off-the-Shelf Services

Objects discovery, access and utilization, payment wall, business intelligence, delivery capability, SMS gateway, instant messaging services, single-sign-on, federated authentication, encryption and security.

Single Sign On

End user of one partner on ObjectMatch will have a single access credentials across all marketplaces that grant him/her access to the rest of the partners’ platforms running on ObjectMatch.

Open Architecture

ObjectMatch is an open platform that exposes its functionality, services and data via APIs, allowing 3rd party developers to integrate front-end solutions to the ecosystem

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ObjectMatch saves its partners the effort in technology development, timelines, and consequently cost, thus, greatly reducing barriers to entry into the market both in capital and time.


By relieving ObjectMatch partners from the overhead, cost and skills associated with IT complexities, ObjectMatch entrepreneurs will be able to better focus their resources on business development and growth.


Businesses running on ObjectMatch will take advantage of all the shared services provided by the platform including future released features, thus, reducing the expenditure required on both capital and operational.


ObjectMatch accelerates growth through cross-market synergies, and partnership-centered business models. ObjectMatch businesses can take advantage of all objects already created in the platform by other ObjectMatch businesses.


ObjectMatch boosts partners’ visibility and insight into the ecommerce ecosystem, by providing a cross-marketplace business intelligence.


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