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Increase access and visibility to your products and services through ObjectMatch open and collaborative platform.


Confining Rules

Forced to work within the terms and conditions set by the closed, end-to-end marketplace operators.

Closed Topology

Suboptimal asset utilization by suppliers due to fragmented access to the market

Limited Visitbility

Diminishing market share and lower asset utilization with limited options to open up their supply to new channels


Single View

ObjectMatch allows suppliers to expand the exposure to their merchandise by widening the visibility across participants in the value chain and across marketplaces.

Breaking Barriers

The platform removes all the barriers and silos between merchants operating in the ObjectMatch marketplace, making all objects (customers to products and services) accessible across merchants and suppliers.

Standardized Access

Consistent and repeated unified discovery, interaction, transaction model, applied across different marketplaces and industries. This allows resellers an easy access to suppliers' merchandize, and incorporation into their items catalogues.

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