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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy describes how Marmalade mobile app, on iOS and Android, treats customers' personal information. This policy adheres to ObjectMatch, the platform on which all Marmalade apps runs,  data privacy policy; each data item is classified as an artifact or an "Object" that mirrors the real-world object it represents, each of those objects are solely owned by the object generator. As such, any 3rd party access to data objects shall be granted after the explicit  consent from the "data object's" owner.

Information we collect from you

At Registration

The app will collect the following information from you at registration: Name, phone number, email address, and gender.

At Delivery Address

The app will collect addresses you provide when selecting a new delivery address using Google maps APIs.

At Checkout

The app will collect credit/debit card information when you select to pay for your basket using the “Online Payment” payment method.

We use collected information as follows

Information collected at registration are used for:

  • Authentication and authorization purposes.

  • For internal data analysis to discover gleen out trends and consumer behaviour.

  • To communicate with you over email, SMS and phone call.

Credit/Debit card information will be communicated to 3rd party licence payment gateway (STS PayOne). Card information will not be stored nor shared with any other 3rd party.

Data management and storage

  • All information collected by the app is stored and managed by the ObjectMatch platform, on which Marmalade app operates.

  • ObjectMatch platform adheres to the GDPR data privacy and protection laws.

  • All data collected from Marmalade app users are treated as assets solely owned by the app user, who provided such data.

  • All data collected and stored on the platform shall not be sold nor distributed to 3rd parties without the explicit consent from the data owner.

  • ObjectMatch is a cloud e-commerce platform owned by Monoxis fzco.

  • Please visit for more information about ObjectMatch and their data policy.

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