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OMRetail marketplace, your launching platform toward success.

Take advantage and benefit from all OBjectMatch has to offer. Let ObjectMatch do all the heavy lifting for you.

Launch your online retail business with OMRetail and reap the benefits

Fast go-to market

With all your digital store needs readily available, you can build and launch your business in no time.

Stay on top of the game

For no extra charge, your business will benefit from all the enhancements added to the platform. 

state of the art shopping experience

Your business customers will benefit from from a set of features that will render their experience seamless and frictionless.

Engage customers

Your business will be able to engage customers via various shopping channels; app, web, phone, in-person and more.

OMRetail Off-The-Shelf Features.

Limitless Catalog

Build your store with limitless number of SKUs.

Payment Collection and Processing

Suppliers can launch their online stores ready for capturing and processing payments, without the suppliers’ knowledge of payments processing and integration details

Multiple Branches

Define and setup multiple branches, each with different inventory and coverage area.

Content Management Portal

Merchants will manage their stores through an intuitive web portal, They can manage content, reporting, and order fulfillment. p


Stores are provided in both Arabic and English and more to come.

Logistics and Delivery

Online businesses will be augmented with off-the-shelf logistics and delivery capabilities, that allows them to service their customers to the last mile.


Sellers can build their online inventory from multiple off-the-shelf product suppliers.

Data Management

OM will handle all data storage, security, orchestration and management. Providing participants with a trusted partner, which handles all data sensitive operations on their behalf.


Suppliers can expand their exposure and reach by allowing sellers on the platform to offer their products via the sellers’ stores.

Customer OM Features

Customers will benefit from OM inherent features, like universal wallet, single-sign-on, discovery and interaction processes.

Mobile App Shopfront

Each entrant supplier will be able to launch their own mobile app online store channel, through which, suppliers can offer their products to their customers.

Partner OM Features

Partner merchants will utilize OM readily available features for partners like, machine learning, business intelligence, distributed order management system and much more,

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